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Step by step instructions for manually adding your property

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There are 9 steps total in the Property Setup process and you can see these steps in the right-hand navigation bar shown here:

If you are setting up multiple properties at the same time check out the bulk edit options we have available. To make adding information for your listings easier.

Step 1: Property Info

You must finish this step first before you can skip around to another section of the property creation wizard. 

The Property Info page includes general information about your property. This is where you will fill out the title, the type, the owner, the size, and other general specifications. After filling out this information click Continue at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the next step.

Step 2: Property Location

The Property Location page includes the location information about your property. This is where you will input the address, when entering the address enter the full address including state/province, zip code, and country where necessary. When you're typing this information an autocomplete box will appear attempting to determine a valid location. This must be clicked to validate the location, a green check mark will appear confirming the address selection. After filling out this information click Next at the bottom of the page to save changes and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Property Description

The Property Descriptions page is where you will enter a brief summary describing your property, information regarding check in, and the rules applicable to guests staying there. Click next to save the information and continue on to the property bedroom details page.

Step 4: Property Bedroom Details

The Property Bedroom Details page is where you will enter the number of each bed type present in the rooms available in your property which were set in property info. Enter an amount by typing or using the arrows. Once you have finished entering the above info in the boxes type a short description of what makes each bedroom unique and the notable amenities. When you have completed entering all the info for each bedroom proceed to the next page.

Step 5: Property Amenities

The Property Amenities page is where you will detail the types of amenities offered in various categories.  Select the applicable amenities in each category and continue to the next part.

Step 6: Property Photos

The Property Photos page is where you will upload the images of your property, a minimum of 8 photos are required to activate a property. Multiple photos can be dragged and dropped simultaneously into the main window pane or selected from an upload dialog box. After completion of photo upload select an applicable type for each image of it being an exterior, interior, or floorplan image. Hit next to save and continue to the Rates and Availability page.

Step 7: Property Rates and Availability

The Property Rates and Availability page provides all the information about the daily pricing rate and the availability dates of your property.  When you first set up your account your availability will be set to unavailable by default you can change that here. Input the weekday and weekend rates. Next set the minimum and max amount of days that someone can stay at your property for. If you want to determine available dates click on a date on the calendar and set it accordingly to a range of dates that you would like the property to be unavailable then proceed to the next page.

Step 8: Property Fees and Taxes

The Property Fees and Taxes page provides all the details about the various fees that can be assessed as well as tax. When setting a guest fee you can allow the fee to only be assessed if a certain amount of guests check in by selecting from the drop-down next to guest fees. Finally, if you wish you can set a tax assessment which will be applied to the booking total automatically. After setting all values proceed to the next page. We have a page that goes into more detail on fees and taxes

Step 9: Property Policies

The Property Policies page details the check-in/out time as well as the cancellation rules for canceling a booking. Select an appropriate check-in time frame and a specific check-out time. If you desire a single or multiple cancellation policy can be set according to your needs. When setting a cancellation policy enter the minimum number of days before the policy applies and set a charge percentage of the cancellation fee amount to be charged from the booking total. Note that most booking sites have their own cancellation policies. Learn more about cancellation policies here

Finally, enter rental agreement information for guests to view on booking. When completed hit next to continue to the next portion of the setup process which is optional. If you do not wish to complete the optional steps you have an option to activate the property now in the top right-hand corner toggle switch. 

Step 10: Property Discount

The Property Discounts page is where you can enter all discount conditions for the given property. Click Add a discount, a modal box will appear to enter the info, set the length of stay conditions, amount, as well as date, and ranges for the discount to take effect.  Take note that both date and length of stay conditions need to be met for a discount to take effect. Discounts cannot overlap date ranges and are applied on a nightly basis. Clicking save the new discount will reflect on the listing, when finished continue on to the last part of the property setup process.

Step 11: Property Video

The Property Video page is where you can distribute some more visual eye candy in the form of a video of the property and its surroundings. In order to provide a video it must have already been uploaded to youtube, simply provide the video URL, hit import and it will appear as a preview. Congratulations you have successfully set up your first property, click Finish to save the new property to the system.

Step 12: Activate Property

You will now be back to the properties page, toggle the switch to set your property active.

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