Account Settings In Lodgable

Visit!/company-profile page to enter your tax information. You can enter your EIN, Registered Tax ID and click the checkbox to indicate that you want to remit your taxes.

Once that is set visit!/applications/manage/2
then click on Tax Info. Read the page and click the checkbox attesting that you understand the Airbnb tax policies.

To see what Airbnb has your properties taxes set at you'll need to visit the property details page and on the left side click Channel Settings then Tax Info

Property Tax Rate In Lodgable

  1. Enter each property's taxes in Fees & Taxes (Go to > green house in left sidebar  >  Listings)  

  2. Select individual property 

  3. Click Fees & Taxes

  4. Scroll down and click the + Add Tax button

  5. Fill in the Name, Rate, and Type and select which channels that tax is to be excluded on, if any, then hit the + button to apply the excluded channel.

  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for each tax 

  7. Click "save changes" in blue at the bottom of the page 

  8. Repeat Steps 2-7 for each property

Settings In Airbnb

  1. Set up Professional Hosting Tools in Airbnb

  2. Let Lodgable work its magic on your behalf

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