How Do I Cancel a Booking as a Host?

How do I cancel a booking set in Lodgable?

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Lodgable uses an 'Instant Booking' system that provides the host, greater earning potential, by granting guests the convenience of booking instantly and efficiently. "Instant Booking" simply means a guest does not have to have pre-approval from the host before booking a property. Lodgable relies on the calendar and rate management from the host, to maintain accuracy with bookings. 

Hosts are expected to prioritize and honor bookings received into Lodgable

Cancellations are bad, for both you, and the guest. Avoid them, to keep your listings live. When you cancel a reservation, it makes the guest less likely to book from you, or the channel again. Many times, a cancellation is a result of a 'double-booking' (reservation that cannot be honored, due to an overlapping reservation). Double-bookings occur when a property is also hosted on other travel sites, outside of Lodgable. To maintain accurate bookings, Lodgable recommends that you fully integrate all pre-existing channels with Lodgable. Using our integrations with the channels API, is the most accurate way to maintain calendar availability. 

Lodgable offers some other calendaring tools, like iCal, but it is only meant to be an import tool. iCal calendar linking should not be relied upon for accuracy.

Update you calendar and availability
You can prevent guests from booking days you can't host, by updating your calendar in Lodgable regularly, and by confirming your availability on other external calendars.

Setup your lead time settings
Lodgable allows you to choose whether or not you allow same day bookings, or if you need a few days notice. Make sure your preferences are set, so you never have to turn-away a last-minute booking.   

To initiate a cancellation:

First, see if you can find a suitable alternative, or accommodation for the guest. Be gracious, try to compromise and meet their expectations. You can try adjusting the rates or the dates. If you have another comparable property with availability, it's worth mentioning. The guest may even insist on just cancelling themselves!

If you're unable to come to an agreement with the guest -

Contact Lodgable support at [email protected], or in the instant messenger, in the bottom right corner of your Lodgable dashboard. Give us the reservation number, the guest name and whether the host or the guest is requesting the cancellation.

There is a possibility that you might have to reimburse or compensate the guest, the channel, or Lodgable for reasonable costs and expenses caused by the overbooking. 

We take cancellations very seriously, and exhaust every possible effort to prevent fees from being incurred ! 

Considerations are made with the understanding:

  • How long the reservation has been confirmed for

  • How much time is left before the check-in

  • Dynamic of the situation or circumstance (Life happens, we get it) 

  • History of cancellations by the host 

  • Effort from the host to provide reasonable accommodations




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