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Getting started with RNS integration

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Hello RNS hosts,

Hopefully this to help with the onboarding process. This assumes you've already created your account with Lodgable and you've spoken with our onboarding team.


Visit https://app.lodgable.com/AccountSettings/view/#!/applications and ensure that your RNS account is hooked up to Lodgable. If you're connected you'll see Manage Account, otherwise our team is still working to get you connected.

Within the RNS management you'll see a column for RNS properties and another column of Lodgable properties. If the RNS property is synced to Lodgable you'll see a link that will take you to the Lodgable property page. Otherwise you'll see a box that says "unmapped" in it, with a link to add a New Property below. Click the New Property link and the checkbox will check itself and you'll see an orange Save button appear to the right. Click that to finalize creating a new Lodgable property with the data from RNS.


Lodgable collects as much data from RNS as we can to make the process easier, but not all the data for the properties comes over and the properties will need to be checked for completion.

Visit https://app.lodgable.com/properties/read_properties to review your properties and once you're sure the FEES, TAXES, AMENITIES ETC.. are correct click the status slider on the right to activate the property (the slider should turn blue after clicking the confirmation button). This only says the property is ready to go, it's not pushing to any channels yet.

The next steps would be to sync the properties to the channels.


Visit https://help.lodgable.com/en/articles/4564472-rns-settings to complete the settings for RNS.

RNS Discounts

Visit https://help.lodgable.com/en/articles/4557311-rns-discounts to learn about why discounts are shown on a property

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