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RNS Settings

Get your RNS account set up correctly

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RNS has a few options that are required to be set before you can get the correct reservation data in your RNS account.

Visit!/applications/manage-pms/17 and click on the Settings link. This displays a number of options for RNS.

RNS Payments

If you plan to accept payments within Lodgable you'll want to turn this slider OFF.

Having this on means you plan to take payments outside of Lodgable and it changes the data we send to different channels.

Web Rate Table Number

Web Rate Table Number is required to send bookings to RNS. You can get this number from RNS. Enter your web rate table number in the box labeled RNS Rate Code in the RNS Management under the Settings tab.

You have 2 options for adding the fee to the reservations that come in from Lodgable. You can either add the fee in manually to each reservation or if you prefer to have the fee automatically added to each reservation you would set up a new rate table.

The “easier” way is to create a new Rate Table that matches your existing web rate table for your Units. Keep in mind these are just the rate dates, not the actual rates. The only difference between the original Rate Table and the new one would be that the new one will have the 4.9% upcharge to the Rental Fee. Then we will run a utility that will pull the rates from the existing tables to add them to the new rate tables. Once this is done you would either assign the new Rate Table to your Lodgable dashboard as a global rate table or individually to each Unit.


Property Specific Rate Code

You can set a Web Rate Table Number on a property by visiting the property and clicking the Channel Settings link on the left then selecting RNS from the Channel dropdown.

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