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Discounts from RNS and why they exist

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If you're an RNS host you might see Discounts applied to some of all of your properties. These discounts are created when the property rates sync from RNS to Lodgable and they're created to keep your rates matching with RNS's rates.


The rates are sent to Lodgable from RNS as shown in this image:

This tells us that the daily rate is $260/night.

A seven day booking is $1680, or $240/night for a minimum of 7 nights.

A monthly booking is $7800, or $220/night for a minimum of 30 nights.

The discounts are made to match the rates shown for the weekly and monthly numbers. In the case shown a discount for bookings over 7 nights is applied at 7.6923076923077%. A monthly discount of 15.3846153846154% is also created for bookings of 30 nights or more.

Using the discounts we're able to push the rates you've set up in RNS to each of the channels.

If the Weekly rate / 7 equals the nightly rate then no weekly discounts will be created.

If the Monthly rate / 30 equals the nightly rate then no monthly discounts will be created.

If you see rates in Lodgable that don't match what you have in RNS than RNS might be sending Lodgable rates from a different rate table than the one you're looking at. You'd have to check with RNS to be sure you've set up the account correctly.

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