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How do I refund a guest on Lodgable?
How do I refund a guest on Lodgable?
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This article is applicable to bookings that originated on Lodgable,, and HomeAway. You may also issue a refund on Lodgable for an invoice line item(s) that you created. 


1. Open the reservation

Locate the main left-hand navigation, click the reservations tab to open a list of reservations, and then click on your desired reservation. 


2. View the payment history

Once it's open, scroll down until you see the section called "Payment History."

 3. Select a transaction to refund

Under the payment history section, there may be one or more rows representing multiple transactions. Locate the one that you want to refund and then click the "Refund" button. 

4. Refund the transaction

Enter the amount that you would like to refund, enter a brief note about why you're refunding it, and then hit the "Issue Refund" button.

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