When a traveler books your listing on AirBnB that has a security deposit, the traveler's payment details are stored but not charged or authorized for the deposit unless you, the host makes a claim after they checkout. YOU HAVE 14 DAYS FROM THE CHECKOUT DATE TO MAKE A CLAIM

If you need to make a claim on an AirBnB deposit, please email
[email protected] or click the chat button on the bottom left of this screen. 

  • Include photos and or videos 

  • Receipts or invoices

  • Written estimates or links to comparable items denoting an actual cash value for repair or replacement. 

If AirBnB determines money is owed to you, they will collect it from the traveler and issue it to Lodgable. Once the funds have settled in Lodgable's account, we will issue you a payout to your bank account listed under your Lodgable account settings.  

If your booking originated from AirBnB, you must use their process to claim the deposit. Handling it off-site is a violation of their terms and may result in your listing being removed from AirBnB.

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