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Bookings from Lodgable to RNS

Explanation of why bookings may look different in RNS than they do in Lodgable

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When you receive a booking from Vrbo, or any other channel, that booking is pushed to RNS right away. When you see that booking in Lodgable you'll see an invoice breakdown of the charges the guest saw on the booking. Those numbers come from the channel and displayed for you in Lodgable.

That same booking might be different in RNS than what you see in Lodgable. The reason for this is that RNS doesn't allow us to push the invoice line-items on bookings. Instead all we can push is the guest, the property and the check in and out dates. From there RNS calculates the total of the booking. Because RNS calculates the rates, if anything is not set up correctly in RNS, you'll see different rates in RNS than you do in Lodgable.

This is where the RateCode becomes very important. Recently RNS has made the RateCode mandatory for Lodgable to push bookings. This needs to be set correctly in RNS then the RateCode applied to the account or the property that it applies to. I explain more about this in my settings help page. Each item on the settings page is important for getting the correct information sent to RNS.

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