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Assure that properties are pushing to Vrbo

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Property To Vrbo

Contact the Lodgable support team to start your integration with Vrbo. They'll help get you connected to your Vrbo representative. Below is a document that Lodgable and Vrbo worked together to help you with the onboarding process.

Once all your property details are complete and you want Vrbo to list the properties you need to sync them and activate them. You can manage the Vrbo property sync at!/applications/manage/5.

In the above image you see that the property Glendalough is synced and available on Vrbo, Point of View is synced but NOT available on Vrbo and Dixie Living is NOT synced, and therefore not available on Vrbo.

To sync to Vrbo just change the Stop Sync in the dropdown to Everything. This tells Vrbo that the property is ready to be pulled into their system. Only active Lodgable properties can be Synced to Vrbo.

Once the property is syncing you'll want to be sure the slider is changed from Unlisted to Listed. This lets Vrbo know that the property can be viewed and rented by guests.

Vrbo pulls the data for this once per day, at about 8am EST. If you make a change Vrbo won't know about it until they pull the data again, and it can take a few hours to complete a new pull. If you need something done in a hurry you'll need to contact your Vrbo rep.

Property to Airbnb

Pushing a property to Airbnb is very similar to Vrbo. Visit!/applications/manage/3 for the Airbnb management. Further instructions are found at

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