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Connecting My Escapia Account to Lodgable

Bridging the Connection from Escapia to Lodgable

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1. Login to Escapia

2. Go to Admin Setup – Escapia Net

3. Under ‘Network Partners’ – enable Lodgable as a network partner

4. Go to “unit distribution” or “old unit distribution”

5. Add each desired unit Lodgable, check the appropriate boxes, or ‘select all’ (should see Lodgable listed as a channel partner)

6. Make sure units on the other pages are also selected

7. Navigate back into Lodgable

8. Go to Account Settings – App Directory

9. Find Escapia, click “Connect”

10. Enter your unique 4 digit Escapia ID#, then wait about 15 minutes. A tab will then populate titled “import listings” when the first properties begin to pull.

(More time might be necessary depending on the amount of properties being imported)

11. Under 'Manage App' Click 'New Property' under the Lodgable Listings side and click save to map the property in Lodgable

12. You should now see that it's syncing. Follow the steps on this article to set your listings live on Airbnb

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