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How do I connect my existing Airbnb account to Lodgable?
How do I connect my existing Airbnb account to Lodgable?

Synching your Airbnb account with Lodgable

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Step 1:  Within your Lodgable account navigate to "App Directory" within "Account Settings" on the top right corner of your account, or just click the button below:

Step 2: Select to "Connect Account" under Airbnb-

Step 3: Linking your Airbnb account to Lodgable

  • Selecting to Connect account will direct you to login to your existing Airbnb account (Sign up if you're new to airbnb). If you're already logged in, you will immediately be directed to step #4.

Step 4: Allow Airbnb to connect to Lodgable

  • Once you've allowed the change, you will be directed back to Lodgable.

Once back in Lodgable, the connection will now be confirmed with green check and ability to "Manage Account" if you allowed the connection.

Select to "Manage account"

Step 5: List a property with Airbnb

There are 2 main sync options: sync everything or just rates and availability. Please choose what fits you best.

5a: Listing settings
Choose the "Map to Airbnb Listing:" option as "New listing", this will create a new listing within your airbnb account from a property that you previously created in Lodgable.

Once you have mapped the property to a new listing you will slide the Published Status to "Listed

5b: Synch to an existing property in Airbnb-
If your property is already both in Lodgable and Airbnb, you will need to map them. Simply select the corresponding listing # and property name that is within airbnb to map to it. 

If the property isn't within Lodgable yet and you don't want to create it manually, you may "Import Listings" from Airbnb within Lodgable. Please read more on how to import a listing from Airbnb here

Unfortunately, not all information will be imported from Airbnb into Lodgable. There are several items you will need to complete in your listing in order for it to be ready to go. This includes amenities, fees, and taxes. Simply go into your newly imported listings and fill in the missing information it is also a good idea to check on the details to make sure it all looks correct. To learn more about creating listings click here.

Once you have mapped the property accordingly and activated it you will slide the Published Status to "Listed"

If any listing error messages appear please refer here.

Step 6: View your synched properties in Airbnb

Within Airbnb navigate to "Listings" Here you will find your listings. After clicking one you can see if it is connected to Lodgable by the text "this listing is connected to Airbnb and Lodgable."

You are now listed with Airbnb! Remember, Airbnb works with an instant book system. You will need to keep your calendars and other listing details up to date in Lodgable. All guest communication will be done within your Airbnb account.

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