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How to import a listing from Airbnb
How to import a listing from Airbnb

How to import a listing off of a connected Airbnb account into Lodgable

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#1. Within your Lodgable account navigate to "App Directory" within "Account Settings" on the top right corner of your account-

#2. Select to "Manage Airbnb" from the directory

#3. Select the properties that you wish to import and trigger "Import listings"

If no properties are within airbnb to import you will see a pop up that states this-

After you have chosen to import listings you may find a confirmation page pop up that lists the status of the import as either "Done" with a green check mark or "Failed" with a question mark. Hover over the question mark to discover the issue. If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected]

If all properties have imported successfully you will see a confirmation window pop up that looks as follows-

Please note to look over all property information within Lodgable once the import has completed. Certain amenities wont match and may be missing. Always double check that your rates and availability have been imported correctly. 

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