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Collect Additional Funds in Airbnb
Collect Additional Funds in Airbnb

How to collect additional funds on a reservation for pet fees, additional taxes not collected by Airbnb, etc.

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1. In Airbnb, navigate to Reservations (Go to top menu > Host > Reservations) 

2. Find the desired reservation and click the more options (...) button on the right. 

3. Select “Send or request money”

4. Click Request money, then Next

5. Click the appropriate category.  If you're not sure, click Other trip-related issues, then Next

6. Enter the total amount of funds owed that were not part of the reservation, then click Next  

7. (if possible) Add evidence for the basis of your request to the Photos (i.e., screenshot of your local tax requirements, or screenshot of your House Rules on your listing), then click Next.  If no evidence to add, click Skip.

8. Include a note explaining why you need to collect the additional funds.  Include specifics.  Encourage them to reach out with questions.  Click Next when finished. 

“Hi Adam, Airbnb doesn't collect all the taxes for this property and local law requires an additional 3% taxes on each reservation.  The taxable amount is $1339.50 (rate + cleaning fee).  If you have any questions about these taxes, please let me know.” 

9. Confirm the details, then click Request.  

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