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How do I calculate my earnings?
How do I calculate my earnings?

Reservation settlement process - as a host, I've fulfilled a booking, and want a detailed breakdown of my income and charges

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When you charge the guest:

If you are the "merchant of record," your net earnings will be the total booking invoice minus any channel commissions, and the Lodgable guest booking fee. Cancellations may affect the total invoice price. Once we settle the reservation, you will be sent an email with a detailed breakdown.

You may also be charged separately by your merchant account to process a credit card transaction. To find these fees please log into Stripe. 

When the channel charges the guest:

If the channel is the merchant of record (IE: AirBnB and TripAdvisor), then you will be issued a payout. Your payout will be equal to the total booking invoice, minus any channel commissions, refundable deposits, and the Lodgable guest booking fee. Cancellations may affect the total invoice price. Once we settle the reservation, you will be sent an email with a detailed breakdown.

PayPal charges 25 cents per transaction (payout)
You may  be charged a different amount by PayPal if you live outside the United States. To view these fees, please log into Paypal

After you receive a booking, and the guest is checked out, you'll receive an email receipt / invoice, providing you a breakdown of your net earnings. The emails will be associated with a subject line referencing a payout or collection, depending on - if you, or the booking channel, is merchant on record. 

Email Receipt Example:

For this example, refer to the collection email below, regarding a HomeAway booking:

For this HomeAway booking, the host received $1006.61 when they charged the guest's credit card using Stripe. Upon checkout, Lodgable settled the booking and collected 2 separate charges. One for $100.67 (HomeAway Channel Fees) and one for $45.75 (Lodgable Guest Booking Fee), totaling $146.42.

Example:Gross Earnings - Channel Fees - Lodgable Guest Fee = Net Earnings$1006.61 - $100.67 - $45.75 = $860.19 

Bookings from certain channels, will have fees subtracted in the form of a charge, like this example. Others, will have the fees taken out, before the deposit is made. Always reference the 'Net Earnings' for accurate earning amount. 

Processing time:

See "How and when does Lodgable pay me", for information on payout periods, and payment processing time 


'Your Net Earnings' reflect the total amount you collect, after all fees. This might not be the amount deposited into your account, as payment processing like Stripe, will take a small percentage off of the 'Gross Amount' to process a guest's credit card. Click here to see that current rate, by country.

'Gross Amount' is the total booking amount reported to Lodgable by the channel. This is typically the amount that the guest agreed to pay or paid.  

'Channel Fees' are the commissions imposed and charged directly by channels, like HomeAway or AirBnB, for listing on their site. Depending on the channel, they may charge both you and the guest separate fee. Whenever the channel reports these fees to Lodgable, we will display them.  Click here to find out more details about each channel and what they charge.

'Lodgable Fees' equal 4.5% of the 'Gross Amount' + $0.45 for processing. We also round up on all outstanding cents to reduce channel rounding errors. 

$1.122 rounded to $1.13
​ Lodgable charges this fee on:

  • Extra Guest Fees

  • Nightly Rental Charges 

  • Custom Invoice Line Items 

  • Cancellations Fees

  • Security Deposits  Claims

  • Cleaning Fees 

Lodgable does not charge its fee on taxes*

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