How Do I Deactivate Lodgable Properties?

I want to remove my listings from the online travel agencies, but I don't want to lose my information with Lodgable

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Lodgable makes it easy to keep your listed properties and information within our system, but offline with the online travel agencies. Keeping your data with Lodgable allows for easy reactivation and easy re-distribution. 

1. Login to your Lodgable account at
2. Click "Listings" in the left tab
3. Under "status", click the switch on your desired property
4. Switch will be grey for inactive property, or blue for active 

Properties that are 'inactive' will be taken off the travel agencies it's currently listed with, but the property will still be saved through Lodgable. You can still access the property and make changes. If you no longer want a property in Lodgable, you can simply delete it by clicking the action tab and selecting "delete"

You are responsible to honor all bookings until the listings have been deactivated completely

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