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What if Stripe doesn't support my country? How can I use Lodgable?
What if Stripe doesn't support my country? How can I use Lodgable?

Some international clients may not be supported by Stripe

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Lodgable leverages Stripe as a merchant and gateway provider to allow online travel agencies to pay you while also allowing Lodgable to collect its fees. 

In most cases, the Lodagble channel partners use their own merchant and gateway provider to process payments. However there are a few exceptions including , HomeAway, and Agoda network. 

These few channels require you, the host, to be merchant on record and collect payment from your guests. For this reason we offer our clients a free Stripe account to charge and process guest payments. 

So what happens if my country is not supported by Stripe?

If Stripe is not supported in your area (supported countries) and you can't activate a free account, there are two options available.

1.) Lodgable can list to all channels and "Exclude" listing to , HomeAway, and Agoda.  


2.) We list , HomeAway, and Agoda, you would be responsible to collect payment from your guest at time of arrival in cash or find a merchant account supported in your area. 

In both cases you would have to manually collect payment from your guests whenever a booking comes in from one of these sites. 

Check with Stripe periodically for support, if your country is not listed. Payment gateway offerings by country are updated frequently. 

Currencies will be converted from USD$, into the supported country of origin. 

If you have verified that your country is supported, and the account credentials are accurate, please reach out to [email protected]

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