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What should I do if a guest disputes a charge?
What should I do if a guest disputes a charge?

How to dispute a chargeback

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A dispute(also known as a chargeback) happens when a guest contacts their financial institution to question a charge.  

Since you are the "merchant of record," you may need to occasionally fight a dispute, no matter how great your customer service may be. Big banks and credit card companies usually side with the guest immediately, but they give you an opportunity to fight the dispute. 

The dispute process: *

  1. When the financial institution is contacted they will notify your merchant account, Stripe. Stripe will then send an automated message to the email account they have on file.

  2. Next, the guest will be refunded and a chargeback fee will be applied to your Stripe account. You are then given a few days to dispute the transaction. If you fail to dispute it, you cannot get your money back.

  3. You must log into your Stripe account to dispute the chargeback. Please follow this article: . If you've never logged into to Stripe before, it should be the same email that you used when signing up for Lodgable. 

  4. After you dispute the charge, the guest's financial institution will review your documentation and decide who gets to keep the money.

To win the dispute, we recommend the following: *

  1. Contact the guest immediately to resolve complaints or misunderstanding through customer service. Proactive and effective customer service can go a long way toward resolving disputes or preventing them altogether. 

  2. Gather and submit all of your communication and transaction records to Stripe to dispute the chargeback.

  3. Respond quickly. Once you receive notification that a dispute has been initiated, you should quickly and efficiently prepare a response. A chargeback dispute must travel through several levels of review and authorization and will be subject to scrutiny by multiple parties, so it is essential that you present your evidence clearly and with urgency.

 * NOTE: These are suggestions only. Please search Stripe's support site or contact them for specific details.  

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