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When do I have to charge the guest directly?
When do I have to charge the guest directly?

Details about being merchant on record

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Before you can accept credit cards on Lodgable, we help you to create your own merchant account for You then become what is known as the "merchant of record" for all guest payments you process. 

You must charge the guest whenever you are the "merchant of record."
Some channels like, HomeAway, VRBO, and Agoda, to name a few, require you to charge the guest directly. Lodgable also requires you to do this for your personal website and manual bookings that you create.

Click here for a list of which channels require you to be the merchant of record.

When you are the merchant of record you assume all liability associated with processing a credit card. This includes handling payment disputes, paying credit card transaction fees, and other administrative responsibilities from within your personal Stripe account.   

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