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What should I do if a credit card is declined?
What should I do if a credit card is declined?

How to report an invalid credit card or enter correct credit card credentials

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Credit cards can be declined or fail for multiple reasons. The most common reasons are due to typos, insufficient funds, bank declined payments, and fraud prevention. 

1. Channel provided credit card 

If you were trying to charge a credit card provided by a channel like HomeAway or, please email [email protected] immediately if the card was declined. When you email us, please include the reservation number that you are having trouble collecting a payment for. From there, we can report the card as invalid to the sales channel. The sales channel will then proceed to contact the guest and request updated credentials. If they fail to get an updated payment method from the guest the reservation may be canceled. Typically a reservation may be cancelled without penalty 24 hours after an invalid card is reported to the channel.

NOTE: If you don't have time to wait for the channel to update the credit card credentials, we recommend that you contact the guest directly. If you need help finding the guest's contact info, click here. 

2. Credit cards entered by you 

Contact your guest and check to make sure the credit card details were entered correctly. You may also learn more about declined charges by visiting Stripe.

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