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How do I charge a credit card in Lodgable?
How do I charge a credit card in Lodgable?

For some sales channels and manually created Lodgable reservations, you may need to directly charge the guest's credit card.

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1. Open the reservation

Locate the main left-hand navigation, click the reservations tab to open a list of reservations, and then click on your desired reservation. (You can follow these steps to charge the guest other fees or taxes if applicable)

If you need to accept payments for multiple reservations, you can also click on ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) underneath the actions column. This will open an action menu, allowing you to accept payments without opening up each individual reservation. If you choose this option, proceed to "Step 3" after clicking "Accept Payment" from the menu.  

2. View the Guest Invoice and "Accept Payment"

Under the guest invoice section, select "Accept Payment" to enter Credit Card information and charge the guest.

 3. Select an existing "Payment Method" or add one.  

  • How to select an existing credit card: Click on the payout method drop-down menu. If the booking originated from a sales channel like HomeAway or, you should see a credit card with it's ending four-digits listed in the list of options. Once you locate it, proceed to step 4. 

  • How to add a new credit card: If you're looking to accept a new credit card, click on the link "add new card" from the option listed in the payout method drop-down. You will then be prompted to enter the appropriate credit card credentials. Once entered, proceed to step 4.

 4. Accepting the payment

The balance will auto fill with the amount owed. Click "Accept Payment" and add any notes if desired.

5. Review the charge

Once you accept a payment, you should see the credit card payment reflected on your reservation. To view the charge, scroll to the bottom of your reservation (once opened) to the section titled "Payment History." From there,  you should see a history of any payment activity. From there, check the transaction status. A  "Received" status means that the credit card transaction was successful.

6. What do I do if the charge was declined? 

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