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Does enforce any requirements?
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Booking Requirements 

  • Yes, requires all bookings to be instantly bookable.

  • You must also find an alternative accommodation for your guest if a double booking occurs. 

Minimum Content Requirements requires the following to publish your property. These should all be addressed in Lodgable before activating your property:

  • Property name

  • Title

  • Address

  • City

  • Zip code

  • Country

  • Latitude / Longitude

  • Property type

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Check in time

  • Check out time

  • 10 amenities 

  • You must have a kitchen or kitchenette if you're renting an apartment, home, or another type of vacation rental.  

  • 10 large, high-resolution photos of a minimum of 2048 x 1536 pixels

  • Full arrival information: name, email, phone number on property level

  • You must have activated Stripe in Lodgable so that you can accept credit card payments. will share a virtual credit card number with your Lodgable account and it is your responsibility to charge it. 

  • Your company information must be filled in Lodgable

  • Your phone number is mandatory info and a property cannot be published without it.

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