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Does AirBnB enforce any requirements?

Experience standards and listing rules

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Experience Standards: 

Hosts who operate through our API integration with AirBnB will be required to stay above 60% 5-star reviews, 90% response rate, and a 4.3 average rating.

  • Abiding by these standards will ensure more bookings and better reviews

  • Failure to abide by these requirements may result in Lodgable or AirBnB delisting your rentals.

Minimum Listing Requirements: 

  • No hotel rooms

  • You cannot advertise condos or apartments that are exactly the same unless the photos and descriptions are unique. 

  • You must have at least 10 amenities in Lodgable. Most guests search according to the amenity provisions, so accuracy and comprehensiveness are important. 

  • Descriptions must be unique on each listing, well written, and have paragraph breaks. Listings with all caps will be rejected. 

  • You must have at least 10 photos

  • Any stock photography and/or images with watermarks will be rejected. 

  • Any listings without availability over the next 6 months will be rejected. 

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