To export a calendar:

1. Go to the property listing page, select a property to edit, and then click on the ellipsis icon under the "Actions" column.

2. Click "Update Calendar" from the actions menu.

3. Scroll down the page to the calendar and then locate the link titled "Export Calendar" on the top right side of the calendar. Then click it. 

4. Next, a new window will pop-up. Click the copy button to copy the iCal URL.

5. Navigate to the calendar on your external application, paste the iCal URL, and save your changes. Click on the links below if you need more help:

IMPORTANT:  Your external application will determine how often they refresh Lodgable's calendar data. Make sure that it is frequent enough to avoid double bookings. 

When you receive a booking cancellation, from an external account, that booking will still show-up in your Lodgable calendar, until you manually remove it. 

To prevent calendar synchronicity errors, iCal is configured to only block dates taken from your external calendar, and to send blocked dates, into your external calendar. The Lodgable calendar, does not automatically unblock dates, if a booking is cancelled, or removed, in your external calendar. 

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