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How to map an RNS property to Lodgable
How to map an RNS property to Lodgable

This is a step by step guide on how to transfer a property from rns

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Step One

Click on profile picture> select or hover over my Account settings > then click on App Directory

This is what it will look like but may include more connections depending on how many OTA's you are connected to. Scroll down.

You then select Manage Account

This page will show you all of your properties on RNS. Often new properties show up on the last page.

This is what your property will look like then you select New Property.

Then press save. the property is now in Lodgable.

Then you will select the property and need to edit the fees in taxes

Lodgable collects as much data from RNS as we can to make the process easier, but not all the data for the properties comes over and the properties will need to be checked for completion.

Visit to review your properties and once you're sure the FEES, TAXES, AMENITIES ETC.. are correct click the status slider on the right to activate the property (the slider should turn blue after clicking the confirmation button). This only says the property is ready to go, it's not pushing to any channels yet.

Once you add the fees and taxes set the property to active

Then go to the app directory > then select Airbnb or VRBO > then find the property then select Everything and toggle the switch to listed.

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