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Complete Account Settings in Lodgable

How to finish the dashboard setup items in Lodgable: Billing, Payouts, and Guest Payments.

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Go to profile icon > Account Settings > Billing

Connect a US-based credit card. Lodgable will only use this method for debits. You are only charged once you've already collected on a reservation, where you act as 'merchant-on-record'. For more information on general billing, see our articles listed here

Go to profile icon > Account Settings > Payouts

Currently the only option for this is PayPal. This will only be used to send you credits, when you receive a booking from a channel that does not remit payment to you directly.  For more information about payouts, go here

Go to profile icon > Account Settings > Guest Payments

This will allow you to charge guest credits, and issue refunds when necessary. This feature is built-in to Lodgable; each reservation you receive, from sites like, and HomeAway, will have encrypted guest credit card data, saved in the reservation. You have the option to markup your listings an additonal 2.9% + 0.30¢, if you don't wish to cover the processing fee, deducted from the reservation gross amount. See an example of a settled reservation here

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