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Getting started with Vrbo
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When getting started with Vrbo it is important to know that Vrbo reads all of your property information from Lodgable. It is really easy for Lodgable to release this information to Vrbo but they must know that you are using Lodgable to distribute this information in order for your properties to show up in Vrbo. Be sure to get in contact with your Vrbo account manager to let them know or, to reach out to Lodgable if you need to get set up with a Vrbo account.

I have a Vrbo account

Lodgable and Vrbo have worked together to offer a self-onboarding tool that will help you get started on connecting your Vrbo account.

We have also worked together to provide you with a step-by-step document for setting up and activating your Vrbo account. Just be sure that these steps are completed before sending the SSO link or it will cause delays.
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I do not have a Vrbo account

Visit and using the "List your property" button at the top right, create your new Vrbo account. Once you have a Vrbo account you will be able to follow this step-by-step document.

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