How do I Manage Rates?
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Default base rate 

To enter a default base rate in Lodgable, go to the Rates & Availability page and use the Weekday nightly rate and Weekend night rate fields at the top of the page to set the property's base rate.

Nightly rates 

To specify nightly rates in Lodgable, go to the Rates & Availability page and select the dates you would like to set the nightly rates for in the calendar. Once selected, a dialog will appear that allows you set the weekday/weekend rates for the selected dates.

Payment schedule

Lodgable currently only supports requiring the guest to pay for the booking at the time of booking creation.


To define fees in Lodgable, go to the Fees & Taxes page. Here you can set a flat rate cleaning fee, flat rate extra guest fee, and you can create additional fees that apply with varying scopes and schedules. 


To add discounts in Lodgable, navigate to the Discounts property setup page and click Add discount.

Tax information

To define taxes, go to the Fees & Taxes page. You can choose to not include taxes or provide a percentage.

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