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Disconnect My Airbnb Account from Lodgable
Disconnect My Airbnb Account from Lodgable

How to remove the connection between Lodgable and Airbnb.

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***Disconnecting your Airbnb account should not be done without consulting with a Lodgable representative FIRST.  You will lose all property mapping, calendar syncing, and more.  If you need to take emergency action for your Airbnb connection, unlist the properties from within Lodgable but keep the account connected.  Disconnecting your account cannot be reversed.  The entire connection process--including mapping--will have to be repeated from the beginning.***

In Lodgable, navigate to the App Directory.  (Go to profile icon > Account Settings > App Directory) 

Click "Disconnect" on the Airbnb tile

You will receive a prompt in the top right corner of the screen that confirms "AirBnB disconnected

You may now navigate back into your Airbnb account where you will see that Lodgable has been disconnected and now property information will be managed within Airbnb


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