Airbnb has minimum content requirements that you are required to meet to list with them. Listings that don't have the followings content will be rejected from Airbnb

  • 30+ days of availability over the next 1 year 

  • 5 or more Airbnb amenities
    (Lodgable offers more amenity selections than Airbnb. If you've selected more than 5 amenities within Lodgable and are still getting an error, go back to Lodgable and select more amenities that fit the profile of your home.)  

  • 50+ characters in the properties description

  • Minimum of 8 photos
    (Lodgable requires 10)

  • Property title is 8+ characters  

Once the error has been addressed please refresh the page and try to re-list the property.

*If you have trouble fixing the error, please email [email protected] with your property ID and error that is described. 

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