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What's Next If Lodgable Input Property Data For Me?
What's Next If Lodgable Input Property Data For Me?

What are my next steps once partial property data was uploaded by Lodgable?

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Navigate here if you need help creating a whole new listing. 

Proceed to your Lodgable account here, and complete the following:

Go to 'Properties' tab (left hand panel) > Select 'desired property'

You'll notice all the different pages under 'Basic', 'Details', and 'Other'. The green checkmarks indicate if it is complete, or not. 

First, look over the pages indicated by a green checkmark. This indicates pages that have been completed on your behalf. Verify the accuracy of each page, and make any necessary changes. 

Notice, some pages are left blank. This is because Lodgable is either not able to input the data (we won't load rates & availability, or any data involving reservation income) or the data could not be found from the sources you provided. 

Exact addresses are not usually displayed publicly, you'll need to input them yourself. If you're having trouble verifying an address, click here

Input Fees & Taxes.
The 'cleaning fee' is a flat rate charged to every reservation. We recommend rolling all of your standard fees into this line item.

The 'extra guest fee' charges the amount you input, applied to each additional guest, for each night of the reservation. 

'Deposits' protect you for small claims not applicable to insurance. Deposits are handled differently, determined by the channel that the reservation is received from. See this spreadsheet here, and look over the deposit column to understand differences.  

Policies outline some of the guidelines that would not be listed under Description > House Rules. 

Check-in/check-out times are displayed publicly. Guests will usually reach out to you for approval on adjustment times. 

Adding a value of (1) in 'same day bookings' will prevent you from receiving a booking on todays date. A value of (2) will block availability for today, and tomorrow. This feature will NOT auto-block days after future reservations. 

(not required) - Instead of offering weekly or monthly rates like HomeAway or VRBO, Lodgable uses long-stay discounts instead. We've found that this method is dynamic, and more universally accepted by our partner booking channels. Click here for more information. 

Update Rates & Availability, resource here.

If your profile is incomplete, your dashboard will look like this:

Make sure your 'company profile' is completed. The criteria listed here is all general account information. It can also be found by clicking the top-right 'person' icon > Account Settings > Account Profile   

'Tell us how to pay you' navigates you to the payout tab. Currently the only option for this is PayPal. This will only be used to send you credits, when you receive a booking from a channel like AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and Agoda. For more information about payouts, go here

Set up billing navigates you to a section where you connect a USA based bank account, or a credit card. Lodgable will only use this method for debits. You are only charged once you've already collected on a reservation, where you act as 'merchant-on-record. For more information on general billing, see our articles listed here

Get ready to process payments is where you'll be setting up a merchant credit card processing account with Stripe. This will allow you to charge guest credits, and issue refunds when necessary. This feature is built-in to Lodgable; each reservation you receive, from sites like, and HomeAway, will have encrypted guest credit card data, saved in the reservation. You have the option to markup your listings an additonal 2.9% + 0.30¢, if you don't wish to cover the processing fee, deducted from the reservation gross amount.
See an example of a settled reservation here

Once all items in the dashboard are complete, it should look like this:

You now have the ability to activate your properties within Lodgable. Flip the switch located in (main properties tab), to send the activation request. 

Specify if there are any channel networks that you want to be excluded from, by filling out a quick web-form here

Last, you will be emailed our disclosure going over policies, host-responsibilities and expectations. It's a synopsis of our legal terms found under the 'Supply Partner Agreement'. You can see all of this, and more at

The e-sign feature is completed through Adobe Sign.
For questions regarding compliance please reach out to [email protected].

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