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Do my reviews carry over once I'm with Lodgable? Can my reviews transfer back if I'm no longer with Lodgable?

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Some channels may allow you to transfer the reviews that you've collected on your individual accounts to Lodgable and then transfer them back.

Here's how that works:

1.) Lodgable sends a request with property ID's to the travel agency asking to transfer property reviews over to Lodgable. We indicate that we will be the new distribution manager for the said property.

2.) The Travel Agency notifies the property owner that a request to transfer reviews has been made by Lodgable. They ask you to confirm and approve the request.

3.) Property owner approves transfer.

4.) Travel agency notifies Lodgable of approval and they put the reviews in a que to be reallocated to Lodgable.

5.) Transfer occurs, reviews retained with travel agency.

This same process occurs in reverse to transfer reviews back to the property manager.

*NOTE* The Travel Agency posts a small disclaimer which reads "Under New Management" in small writing when transfers occur. Typically this stays until newer reviews come in. After some time, designated by the travel agency and at their discretion, the note will be removed.

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