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How Do I Set Rates and Availability?

Your rates and availability, can be adjusted within Lodgable. Customize nightly rates, availability, and minimum/maximum stay requirements

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Your account by default is set to be "unavailable by default" You can change that setting below.

  1. Log in to your Lodgable account 

  2. Select the listings tab on the left side

  3. Click on rates and availability

You should see a screen, that looks like this: 

If this is your first time, or you're setting up a new property, specify the largest parameters first, then make smaller, date specific changes. Any changes you make, with overlapping days, will be overridden. 

For Example: If you mark the date range January 15th - January 20th, "Available", then mark, January 1st - January 31st, "Unavailable", the entire month of January will be saved as "Unavailable".
Start by clicking a start date, and end date. The range you select, is reflected in green.    

Once selected, a pop-up window titled "Edit Calendar", will display.
Here you can manually specify a date range, and verify/adjust the same fields, as above. Click "Submit" to confirm the change. 

Long stay discounts, can be found on a separate tab. Check out the article here to find out more.  

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