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What service fees does Lodgable charge?
What service fees does Lodgable charge?

Info describing Lodgable services and billing

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Lodgable’s core features (like our property management, channel manager, reservations system, and invoice tools) are 100% free for homeowners and property managers. 

We help you market your rentals to places like AirBnB, VRBO, TripAdvisor, and (called channels). You are still responsible for paying any commissions they impose directly to the channel. Other add-on services (like Stripe Payment Processing) may also charge fees.  

Travelers are charged a small percentage fee when they book as part of your nightly rate, which covers the cost of running and maintaining Lodgable. You also have the option to pay the fee yourself instead of marking up your rates. 

This markup will also be added to any other fees that you charge, like a cleaning fee, Admin fee, Pet fee, etc.  

Credit Card Processing

If you've chosen to have the guest pay for the Credit Card processing than an additional 2.9% will be added onto the totals shown above.

($100 + 4.9% = $104.90) + 2.9% = $107.94 nightly rate

You will also be charged a $0.45 fee whenever we issue you a payout in the USA or process a collection. This fee may be higher for foreign transactions. 

For all transactions, we calculate our service fee based on the gross amount paid by the traveler and collect it after check out during payout or a collection settlement. If you initiate a cancellation, other penalties may also apply.

*Lodgable's fee is charged for any reservation entered within Lodgable. This includes reservations outside of Lodgable that were manually entered. 

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